Feast your eyes on the latest wave of promotional stills from Wonder Woman, the long-awaited solo debut of DC’s indestructible Amazon warrior princess.

On June 2, Gal Gadot will bound into theaters with the power of righteousness and soft studio feminism as Patty Jenkins becomes the first woman to direct a superhero picture since Lexi Alexander’s Punisher: War Zone. While buzz has been building for the project, amplified by Gadot’s additional appearance in the upcoming Justice League crossover film, today’s photos (h/t The Playlist) bring us closer to the action than any trailer has heretofore allowed.

In the film, Wonder Woman (née Diana) makes contact with a military pilot fighting in World War I, who convinces the heroine to intervene in the conflict and bring an end to the fighting for the good of all mankind. In the images above, we can get a nice gander at Chris Pine as the pilot Steve Trevor looking very cool with his questionably period-appropriate undercut hairstyle. Elsewhere, Wonder Woman sprints onto an exploding battlefield, strikes a pose in her Amazonian kingdom home, and sits down for a moment at what appears to be a pub. Most intriguing of all may be the image of the film’s villains: there’s Danny Huston as a ruthless general in the German army, joined by the broken-faced Doctor Poison (portrayed in the film by Spanish talent Elena Anaya, best known as the star of Pedro Almodovar’s sensational The Skin I Live In).

Not a whole lot more to glean from these new stills beyond that, aside from the huge breath of fresh air that is DC’s departure from Zack Snyder’s corpse-tone aesthetic. Look, color! There’s blue, and it’s not even washed out to look like a shade of grey!

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