For the last twenty-seven years, a small group of volunteers in Chickasha has gone above and beyond to spread holiday cheer. Every year, they throw together a pretty stellar display of christmas lights for people to see and experience at no charge. They do accept donations, you know this isn't a cheap thing to do, but if you can't, they won't think twice about it. You can drive through, walk through, or even ride through one of the largest holiday attractions in the state... and while most cities are canceling their holiday events left and right because of the rona, the Festival of Light will go on as planned, opening to guests on November 21st.

I don't know about you, but most of my family is from Southwest Oklahoma. I am not. My family lived way up in Northern Oklahoma when we weren't transferred to various other oil towns. So when we would make the trip down to Hollis for a little holiday get together and family fist-fighting action, all of us kids would constantly beg to go see the lights in Chickasha. My parents always hated the long drive, it's a full five-hours at the speeds they used to drive, so they would always tell us to just look at it as we drove by.

This is my second time living in Lawton. I lived here for a few years in the 00's, and somehow I managed to never remember Chickasha did their lights until I'd make the trip up the turnpike to go home for my own holiday shenanigans. I moved back in 2013, but even then, I didn't see the Festival of Light in person until Critter dragged me up there with his family in tow that next year. It was a sight to behold. Critters taste in Rat Pack christmas music I could do without, but the lights were pretty cool.

Since it is an activity you can experience in a socially distant manner with your family, you might plan on going up there. It's just forty minutes away, it doesn't cost admission (but you'd be a king to give a donation), and let's admit it... what other entertainment can you come up with this time of year during a pandemic?

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