I thought for the longest time that I didn't have TIME to work out. But I found with the help of Planet Fitness there’s just no excuse because they’re open 24/7!  That said, I can workout anytime, regardless of my schedule.  Before work, after work, middle of the night…anytime!  What’s even better is that they are also staffed 24/7, which is not only nice in the sense that I can get tips for my workout anytime, but I also have the comfort of a safer environment when working out throughout all hours of the night! Many health clubs that are open 24/7 are not staffed 24/7 and instead give you your own key to get in.

Another reason that I can’t use TIME as an excuse not to workout is that the club is equipped with a 30 Minute Express Circuit, which is a green light/red light system that allows me to speed through 10 strength and 10 cardio stations, strategically built to boost your metabolism, help reach your target heart rate AND workout every muscle group!  This is my go to when I need to quick get in and out in 30 minutes! Plus it’s fun and engaging… it’s hard to get bored when you’re moving from one exercise to the next.

Moral of the story is…I can always find time to fit Planet Fitness in my schedule. How about you? What are you waiting for? Stop by today, tour the club and experience the simplicity and friendly environment that you can get for just $10 a month. No Gimmicks here… get in and get signed up to start your fitness journey right away!


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