Contrary to the belief of many people, homelessness isn't always an indication of the type of person that an individual truly is. People end up on the street for a variety of reasons, many times its not of their own doing. Sometimes its health, sometimes its a job that one day, just went away and sometimes its even a life-choice that while not a wrong one, just goes bad.

YouTube personality Omar Gosh is known for his series of pranks documented on social network via OmarGoshTV. But when the jokester decided to make a difference with a recent video by showing his son what homeless people have to deal with on a daily basis, he himself learned a valuable lesson. Gosh discovered that the reaction of these people is not what you might expect. He discovered kindness, thankfulness and thoughtfulness. He discovered people that weren't necessarily looking for a handout, just a hand.

It makes me wish there were more "pranksters" in this world like Omar Gosh.

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