It's amazing how you can live in a place for so long, yet continue to learn new things about your home. I don't mean the huge, ground breaking chunks of new information... I mean those little tidbits of a place that seem very mildly interesting. For instance, Oklahoma has such a nice eagle aviary, people travel from around to world to visit. I had no idea, and I've spend two thirds of my life here.

I knew that our national bird will often fly to the Sooner State during the harsh Winter months to lay and raise chicks, but I had no idea. Like when someone talks about a US national park in Oklahoma, and you don't believe it until you drive through the Yellowstone-eque Chickasaw National Recreation Area. There's unbelievable stuff in this state.

From the salt flats and off road parks of NWOK, grassy plains of SEOK, to the jungles and swamps of SEOK, and the mountains here at home, you might might get out there and explore. Oklahoma is hardly a flyover state.

Check out the Citizens Potawatomi Nation Eagle Aviary.

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