It's all cliché at this point: "I spent my entire summer outside when I was a kid!" and "Kids these days don't even know how to be kids!" but things just aren't the same anymore. And sometimes as adults, we need advice on how to get ourselves outside.

Here are five seemingly obvious ways to get both you and your kids outside for adventures and enjoy it. And you might even build some memories while you're doing it.

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1) Outdoor Photography

Photos are almost ubiquitous these days since it's so easy to take them. But just a quick google search will give you some tips on how to create some pretty fantastic photography with your kids. And you don't need to go far to do it. Most smart photos have "macro photography" capability where you can take extreme close-ups of simple backyard things like bugs and flowers.

ALSO: Consider blowing up the photos and hanging in a family gallery.

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2) Eat Outside

Eating outside can be messy -- and that's the point. No worries about ketchup on the carpet or mustard on the drapes. Many homes and outdoor supplies stores sell soup to nuts picnic baskets with every supply you can imagine. Half the fun is preparing, and when you're done, throw it all back in the basket.

ALSO: If eating in the backyard, choose the messiest foods imaginable. Then, just hose the kids off or let them jump in the sprinkler.

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3) Sleep Outside

The idea of "camping" conjures images of lugging water from a creek, mosquitoes the size of crows and limited (no) bathroom facilities. But you can get just as much of a camping experience by stepping outside the backdoor and pitching a tent in the yard. Pick up some inexpensive camp lighting, load up on snacks and print out some ghost stories. Best part? If it rains, run inside and clean up the mess tomorrow.

ALSO: No yard? Check out the closest parks that allow camping.

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4) Get Yourselves to a Farm

Farms have embraced "experience" options for local families. Activities can range from staying overnight, working on the farm or just feeding the animals. Many farms strive to show children where their food comes from and the experience can be just as eye-opening to adults.

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5) Community Service

While it might not seem like fun right away, outdoor community service can be inspiring to many children due to the fact that the results are immediately obvious. Case in point: the #trashtag challenge. In this viral challenge, participants focus on one area in their town that can be easily cleaned up. In as little as an hour, people's spirits are lifted when a normally litter-strewn area is suddenly clear.

ALSO: Kids can post their results online and see the impact they make on the community

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