Every holiday has a little something that brings in lame stuff. Halloween it's the costumes.

Costumes are such a mixed bag, some are awesome, others are sexy and then there are a few that are just so downright ridiculous that they should have never left the closet.

Here is a list of five lame Halloween costumes that are probably not a good idea to go out as.

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    John Bohner Or Any Current Politician For That Matter

    After being shutdown 16 days over a budget dispute and waiting until the last minute to approve the budget before the government went to default, if you show up as any member of our current government at a party or a costume contest, chances are you will not win the election for 'Best Costume.'

    If you must go as a leader of our government, best look into our nation's history for a political leader worthy of a costume, afterall, George Washington could not tell a lie.


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    Justin Bieber

    This really does not need much explanation. However, there is no denying that this boy has become the voice of a generation of hastags and Twitter. And no one wants to hear you singing 'Baby' or 'Boyfriend' during Karaoke, this kid does a terrible enough job as it is.

    Just hold off on that trip to the Great Wall of China, #yourmajesty. 

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    Miley Cyrus

    After her performance at the MTV Music Awards, do you honestly want to give her more attention than she really deserves? I feel bad and dirty just recommending this as a lame costume choice.

    Although if you do decide to dress as this now train wreck celebrity no one really wants to associate themselves with, I hear the costume comes with a wrecking ball!

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    The Royal Couple

    This is really not so bad. It's a cheap costume actually and is easy to assemble for couples.

    Baby being real is completely optional.

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    Tim Tebow

    Tebow is old news now and no one will really be impressed when you start Tebowing, This is 2013, not 2011.