California has In&Out, Texas used to have Whataburger, but Oklahoma has always had Braum's. Even though the original 1/3lb burger is gone and terribly missed, it remains one of the standouts in the veritable fast-food metropolis of Lawton for one main reason... the ice cream.

You're more than welcome to talk-up Blue Bell and Haganhoweveryouspell it all you want to, no ice cream is as good as Braum's ice cream... period. The same can be said for their milk, but opinions do understandably vary in that regard.

Recently a current Braum's employee decided to open up a forum on the internet, offering to answer any and all questions people had on their minds about the Oklahoma original... the answers to every burning question were often hilarious but on point.

One of the most-asked questions was why can't a person get a tub of ice cream or gallon of milk along with their drive-thru order?

The anonymous holder of the secrets laid it out simply. Not only do the drive-thru cash registers not have buttons to accommodate grocery orders, but it would also slow down the speed of service in the line due to workers having to walk across the store.


Q: Do y'all just hate ice cream sometimes?
Understandably, it was explained that after a long shift, ice cream is the last thing the average worker is craving.

Q: Why does every iced coffee taste different?
This one was curious, but the asker was on point... Sometimes it's hit or miss. The answer given was how the taste depends entirely on who makes it. The evening shift doesn't make many of these, but beyond that, it's more of an art form than a scientific process. The how-to is more of a guideline than step-by-step instruction. Sometimes more milk, other times more coffee.

Q What is the worst thing to make at Braum's?
The shake. Apparently, it takes quite a bit of forearm strength to muscle a shake into submission, especially when ordered with an ice cream full of additional ingredients... For example, cookies and cream. The limited-time Hawaiian Burger was also not popular due to the additional cooking requirement of pineapple.

Q: Why does Braum's make their hot chocolate from milk?
Technically, it's steamed milk according to the person answering the inside questions. A quick squirt of dark chocolate syrup, a touch of vanilla, and presto. I would like to add, as a long-time honorary Okie... who doesn't make hot chocolate with milk?

Q Why isn't Braum's in more states?
Just like any reputable fast food joint with incredibly high standards, Braum's likes to keep all of their stores within 300 miles of the dairy to ensure quality control... at least that's the explanation given. In&Out is similar in that way.

Q: Why did Braum's change their burger size from 1/3lb to 1/4lb?
OP offered an explanation that some/most people were whipping out their Oklahoma math and complaining that 1/3 was less than 1/4, so Braum's decided to change it up... but I personally think Braum's wanted to improve or maintain profit margins without increasing prices too drastically. Smaller burgers for the same price was the outcome.

Q: Are there any secret menu items?
Apparently, no... but the secret employee did share some Braum's secrets... You can sub a bun for any item that normally comes on a biscuit. It's cheaper to order a sausage biscuit, hold the biscuit than it is to order just a side of sausage. Extra veggies are free on every burger. You can add a banana to any shake at no charge, and any size drink is only $1 until breakfast ends at 10:30 AM.

One Braum's fan inquired about the general manufacturing of their ice cream... As they put it, is Braum’s ice cream made from the dew that falls after children’s laughter and the wispy clouds of the heavens? It got weird really fast, but that's the internet for you.

Like every open forum on the internet does, the rest of the Q&A turned into people sharing their "horrible" first-world experiences with Braum's. You know how it goes, nobody is happy when things are just too good, but I have more Braum's fun-facts for you.

Fact: Braum's operates their own dairy in Tuttle, OK. They have the largest herd of A2 dairy cows in the country, which is a giant wormhole of information to hop into - A1 vs A2.


Fact: While it's primarily an Oklahoma thing, Braum's got its start in Kansas where the original dairy was during the Great Depression. As an agreed condition between the siblings when splitting the family business, the brother that founded Braum's fast food restaurant wasn't allowed to encroach on the family's ice cream business in Kansas, so he opted to win over Oklahoma instead.

Fact: Braum's initially hopped into the small-business landscape making butter... then milk... then the world's greatest ice cream.

Fact: Braum's is a shockingly good place to work, especially at the dairy in Tuttle. Ask anyone that has worked there... while there's no accounting for bad local management in specific stores, most workers enjoy the company.


Fact: Nearly everything in the Braum's Market is made by Braum's. Not explicitly everything, but most items.

Hot-take opinion: Braum's hot links might be the best in the world, and if you've ever wondered why grocery store pickles don't taste as good as restaurant pickles, you're obviously not buying them at Braum's... There's nothing worse than a mushy pickle.

Also, these things taste like second-grade... Opt for the wooden mini-spoons and the nostalgia is real.


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