Really? I got to be honest, I've never seen this one before.

I really want to get a custom license plate for my truck. Did you know Texas alone has over 450 options?! That's insane to me. Of course, I want the Dallas Cowboys plates for my truck. Anybody who knows me is not shocked by this. Many options are available from colors, to sports teams, colleges, fraternities/sororities, and many organizations throughout the state.

It looks like though, nothing compares to a plate just north of us in Oklahoma. The Automobile License Plate Collectors Association (that's apparently a thing I learned existed today) named the 'Save the Monarchs' license plate America's best license plate for 2020. The license plate was developed to bring awareness to the decline of the monarch populations and bring in more funds to increase pollinator habitat for the monarchs in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Department of Motor Vehicles
Oklahoma Department of Motor Vehicles

“Monarch butterflies represent endurance, change, hope, life, and Oklahoma’s breathtaking prairies," Mike Fuhr, State Director for The Nature Conservancy of Oklahoma, said. This organization has been giving out this award for fifty years. Oklahoma has won the award four times. Previously, Oklahoma won the award for their Osage Battle Shield license plate, 1989, State Parks Pavilion plate, 2004, and the Indian Archer plate, 2009.

The plate just came out over the 2020 summer and around 500 people have one. So if you're one of them, congrats you have the best license plate in the country for 2020. If you live in Oklahoma and want one. Click here to get one. It will help out the butterflys and who wouldn't want to do that?

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