After opting to cancel the festival in 2021, you surely remember how the pandemic was going this time last year, the Lawton Arts for All Festival is coming back this weekend to Shepler Park, 5th & Gore Boulevard starting Friday afternoon.

If you've never been you should go. It's almost always a good and free way to spend an afternoon, plus you never know what you'll find while walking around and seeing all the sights.

Traditionally Arts for All is an artist showcase event. Artists from all over the region will make their way here to display their wares in hopes you'll buy some of it. The collections of things you'll find are fantastically diverse, and if anything, you may find a little inspiration for a Spring project... I know I always do.

You'll see pottery, sculptures, junk art, metal arts, photography, paintings, dance, entertainment, and overall perhaps a little culture you've not known about to this point in your life.

One year there was an artist that took junkyard auto and motorcycle parts to make sculptures. I really loved one particular piece that looked like a terrifying chubby barracuda fish. It had a motorcycle gas tank as a dorsal fin, the whole piece was huge, I wanted it.

In another year, a different but similar artist did the same only he constructed a life-size American bison out of spare nuts and bolts, each one individually welded in perfect order to produce a one-of-a-kind treasure only someone with deep pockets could obtain.

In 2020 there was a photographer there that sold their photos printed on metal. I remember the photos having a realistic sheen to them much different than those printed on paper and canvas...

Arts for All is free, you can roam around as you please, and most of the time you can bid and bargain over prices. If you have nothing else to do this weekend, you might try to make it down. Here is where you'll find all the festival details.

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