All Oklahomans have their favorite grocery stores. But one Oklahoma grocery store is rated as one of the best in the United States!

Solitaired pulled the best and worst rated grocery stores across the country. And it looks like a grocery store in Oklahoma ranked in the top 20 of the top 50 best grocery stores in America!

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Which grocery store in Oklahoma is one the best in the nation?

Most Oklahomans would guess that Oklahoma's best grocery store in the nation would be in Oklahoma City. But it's actually in Tulsa!


According to Solitaired, the Trader Joe's, located at 3702 S Peoria Ave in Tulsa, is number 13 on the top 50 list of the best grocery stores in the United States! Solitaired based these ratings on Google reviews. The Trader Joe's on Peoria in Tulsa has 4.7 stars with 2,773 reviews.

Why do Oklahomans in Tulsa like this Trader Joe's so much?

When you look through the Google reviews for this particular Trader Joe's in Tulsa, it's plain to see why Okies like this location so much! In most of the reviews, shoppers commented on how nice the staff are. Plus, they note how well stocked the store is, the variety of products, the store's layout and organization, cleanliness, along with the free samples - these are all positive experiences people experience in this Trader Joe's location.

Also, a for bonus points in a big city, most of the reviews note how well the parking options are for this store - something Trader Joe's usually isn't popular for.

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