Like most people, Blake Shelton has some strong opinions about Westboro Baptist Church -- and rightfully so. Last month, the singer engaged in a Twitter war with WBC after they threatened to picket one of his concerts.

Recently, TMZ caught up with Shelton, who reiterated his feelings with some more choice words for the hate-filled organization -- and he clearly hasn't strayed from his opinion.

As 'The Voice' coach made his way out of a West Hollywood nightclub, the paparazzi were waiting with camera flashes and questions. Shelton remained quiet at first while being escorted to his car, until someone asked how he felt about WBC's threats to picket his Kansas City, Mo. concert.

Without hesitation, the singer responded: "Westboro Baptist Church can bl-- me," adding with a grin, "I think that's one of the commandments."

Naturally, Shelton isn't the only country star with a huge distaste for the Westboro Baptist Church. Vince Gill recently confronted them in person, while Charlie Daniels called WBC "despicable." A number of other country artists have been targeted in recent years, including Carrie Underwood and the iconic George Jones.

Sure, Shelton hates WBC as much as the next guy, but he won't let it cloud his mind. The singer has plenty going on right now, and not much time to dwell on the group's negativity and hate. Shelton is nominated for five 2013 CMA awards and is back on 'The Voice,' fresh off of an impressive winning streak.

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