Duncan Church to Loan Prom Dresses
The highlight of every high school year is the end of year prom, and that time of year is almost upon us once again. The styles and the fashions worn are just as, if not more important, than the actual dance itself.
Can I Get A Redo On Christmas Past?
We've all had regrets in our lives, and every once in a while we get the chance to fix the regret.....or just like in the games we used to play as children get a redo!  Well I want a 'Redo' for Christmas past.
God Touches A Heroin Addict To Prove HIS Existence
This time of year brings on random acts of kindness, that can be the answer to our prayers.  See what happened when this atheist and heroin addict reaches his low, praying to a God he professed to not believe in.
Thanks to CBS for this insightful story...

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