We've all had regrets in our lives, and every once in a while we get the chance to fix the regret.....or just like in the games we used to play as children get a redo!  Well I want a 'Redo' for Christmas past.

Previously I wrote about the hustle of the Holidays and how it has caused me over the years to live up to the nickname 'Grinch'. Well I want to get to try again.....a 'Redo' would be great!  All four of my kids look forward to Christmas with anxious enthusiasm, but I noticed that my oldest has started to show signs of his Dad's attitude toward Christmas.

So with this article I want to pledge to give an honest, genuine effort in spreading Christmas cheer.  Shoot this shouldn't be hard, if I ponder on what it is truly about right?!

The birth of Christ and the hope of the World.....time to start spreading the CHRISTmas joy!

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