Yes, I know everyone knows this now but I wanted to share with you my feelings about the visit.

I was born, baptized and raised a Catholic. I even attended Catholic school in my hometown until the 7th grade. Our small school just didn't have the enrollment to sustain it so it closed and we had to go to Public School. We would have had to beginning our Freshman year but I ended up starting at public school early.

I have many very fond memories of my church family and some of the priests and nuns that influenced my life. I remember my Great Grandmother had a letter from Pope Pius that she had hanging on her wall. I believe it was given to her on her 100th birthday. My earliest recollection of the Pope is Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul I. Of course we all remember Pope (now Saint) John Paul II. He was very charismatic and visited the U.S. on several occasions. He was the considered the People's Pope.

Then we had Pope Benedict XVI. The oldest to become Pope and the first Pope to retire (technically he renounced the papacy on his own initiative). He was much more reserved and not as charismatic as Saint John Paul II, who, just nine short years after his death, was canonized, thanks to Pope Frances who waived the customary five year waiting period after his death.

Now comes Pope Francis. He is the first Pope to be born outside Europe since 731. And the 'firsts' go on and on. First Pope born from the Americas; first Pope from the Southern Hemisphere; first religious pope since Gregory XVI; first Jesuit pope; first to use a new and non-composed regnal name. He chose Francis after St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and known for his commitment to the poor. To Pope Francis, he is "the man of poverty, the man of peace, the man who loves and safeguards creation."

Why am I so fascinated by this pope? I will admit St. John Paul II intrigued me and I enjoyed watching him when he visited the U.S. on his many trips. But there is something about Pope Francis. Every time they show this man on television I get tears in my eyes. He has something about him that makes you want to love him and listen to every word he says. It is more than just being charismatic, much more! I can't tell you what it is but he just draws you in with his smile and his loving eyes and the way he touches and treats people.

I was watching 60 minutes last night and Scott Pelley was standing in line to meet the Pope. He asked him a couple of questions and then, as the Pope was leaving, he handed the Pope a book and as he handed it him the Pope spoke to him in English saying - "Pray for me! Please!" I looked at David and said "Pray for the Pope? WOW!" What was the book? CLICK HERE to find out.

If you missed the 60 Minutes segment, here it is again! Wouldn't it be wonderful to go see him speak?

It would be amazing to be able to just see him!

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