The Leslie Powell Foundation Gallery is excited to host a new exhibition opening 11 September 2021. “Artist Perspective: From Two Views” will showcase artwork by painters Diane Goldschmidt and Diana Robinson.

The Leslie Powell Foundation Gallery is located just a few steps from our offices in downtown Lawton.  I watch as artists unload their works of art and set up for displays.  As Fall approaches, gallery visits may be just the thing for you and your family as you get a chance to broaden your horizons with beautiful pieces of art.  Just taking time to slow your Summer pace and enjoy new things!

Art Exhibition

“Artist Perspective: From Two Views” will be on display at the Leslie Powell Gallery Tuesday, 14 September through Friday, 29 October. The exhibition will begin with an opening reception on Saturday, 11 September from 6:00 – 8:00 PM. The reception will be a walk-through style exhibition.

 The Leslie Powell Gallery continues to have safety requirements in place for visitors during the ongoing pandemic. All visitors are required to properly wear masks while in the gallery building. The total number of guests permitted in the main gallery may be restricted to encourage enough space for social distancing. Food and drink are not currently allowed in the gallery.

 The Leslie Powell Foundation Gallery is a non-profit organization whose mission is to celebrate and promote the arts in the Lawton community as well as Southwestern Oklahoma. The gallery hosts six art exhibitions per year in addition to lectures and musical performances. More information can be found at the gallery’s website,, and its Facebook page,

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