There has been talk of Buc-ee's coming to Oklahoma for the better part of a decade. Almost as soon as the Texas convenience store giant became popular, rumors about our first location swirled in the Sooner State.

It first went mega-viral during the pandemic when someone built a fake website advertising Oklahoma's first Buc-ee's was coming to El Reno. It happened again in 2022 about a proposed location in Tulsa.

Still, Buc-ee's has no plan to bring the beaver to Oklahoma yet, but that could change in the next few years.

Here's how.

If you look at a map of where all of the Buc-ee's locations are, with the exception of the first few small stores along the Gulf Coast, they are built in places with massive populations and tourist attractions.

Since a major population boom isn't in the foreseeable future for Oklahoma, it doesn't seem likely we'd get one... but then the news came about the American Heartland theme park plan and the answer to the Buc-ee's question has gone from a solid "no" to a reasonable "maybe."

Courtesy American Heartland Theme Park
Courtesy American Heartland Theme Park

While the internet is having a field day with the theme park announcement, this could be the population draw that finally inspires Buc-ee's to come to Oklahoma. Park planners suggest the Disney-level park could draw almost 5-million people each year, which is right in line with the beaver's business model.

All the same, it seems just as likely that Buc-ee's might put up a billboard in Tulsa that says "Only 300 Miles to Buc-ee's."

If they build it, Buc-ee's might come.

That's a legitimate yet lofty statement, but nothing is impossible.

It may not be the only way Buc-ee's might enter the Sooner State, but that's the easiest route anybody can see for them to do it.

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