Bupkis.  It literally means nothing.  It is a word that has been around for since the early 1900's but has actually seen it's use grow in the last few years.  I have absolutely no idea where I first heard the word, but I used it in conversation just this morning.  It's a playful word.  It sounds funny, and just rolls off the tongue, but until today, I'd never used it.  What, you might ask would prompt me to use this word of Yiddish decent?

Well, it all started when my Morning crew partner Critter posted a picture of himself in a Buccee's store in Texas.  Yes, I knew he was going to Texas, but I had no idea he was going to my favorite store of all time!  This store is a mecca of all the senses.  Literally thousands of things to see, touch, feel, smell and taste! There is something for everyone in this store.  Especially me.  As I've mentioned, I have begun decorating my house in the farmhouse style.  Buccee's has so many things that work in my house!  In fact, at Christmas, My son-in-law was making a trip to Texas, and I had him make a special trip to pick up these super cute red ceramic white polka dot Christmas Trees.  They are what we like to call 'plunk its': decorative pieces that you can just plunk and add to any existing decor to make it better.

So, back to Bupkis.  What does Buccee's have to do with Bupkis? Well, my partner, my friend, my co-host, knowing full well that just about anything from Buccee's would make so happy brought me NOTHING, Nada, Zero...Bupkis. I bet even Dakota would have brought back a prize. This is what prompted my very first use of this silly little word.  Bupkis.  It's like the Seinfeld of words. According to a google search it literally means nothing at all.

I'm pretty sure I first heard it on an episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show.  I used to watch re-runs all the time after school when I was much younger.  It probably stuck in my head until today, the perfect time to roll Bupkis off my tongue!

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