It's Unsigned Indy Thursday at the Catch of the Day. Today's unsigned featured artist hales from Cache, OK and has been a guest on the KLAW Morning Show several times.


Ciera MacKenzie is a self described "army brat." While an accomplished guitarist and songwriter, her abilities have definitely surpassed her age, and the 12 year old has caught the attention of several people in Nashville. She got her start in 2013, taking guitar lessons and was discovered by Dave Wilson, owner of Black Lab Studios while performing in an artist showcase. It led to Wilson producing Ciera's first CD, Thoughts From a Hay Bale, which featured a back log of songs she had written. It also led to her first live performance, working with Big & Rich at Ft. Sill.

The young artist has performed in many famous Nashville venues, including B.B. Kings Blues club and the Grand Ole Opry, being fortunate enough to being able to perform in the hallowed circle on the same night that Little Big Town was inducted. She will be performing in Branson, MO this summer and will been invited to play at Nashville's Fan



Ciera has spent time in Nashville recently recording new music with producer Juan Otero, and while presently it seems her schedule is full, her future looks even more busy as the summer approaches. From her work with Otero comes today's Catch of the Day, Ciera MacKenzie and "Burn You Down"; new music you haven't heard, but you'll want to hear it again.

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