Unsigned Artist Thursday

'Catch of the Day' - Michael Tyler
Thursday rolls around once again (it seems to happen every week now) and as we love to do on this day of the week, we again present another of Nashville's great unsigned or independent label artist who are fighting to make their name in Music City.
'Catch of the Day' - Morgan White
Today is Thursday, and even though it's Thanksgiving Day, we still bring you one of the great unsigned or indy label recording artists currently trying to find their way in Nashville.
'Catch of the Day' - Natalie Alexander
On Thursdays we like to feature artists you may not have heard of; artist that are currently unsigned, or signed to a smaller Nashville label that doesn't have the
promotional power of the big boys.
'Catch of the Day - Jason Terry
It's Thursday, our favorite day of the week (besides Friday, but it definitely has Monday beat hands down), the day of the week we introduce you to one of the great unsigned or indy label that Nashville has to offer.

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