It's Thursday, our favorite day of the week (besides Friday, but it definitely has Monday beat hands down), the day of the week we introduce you to one of the great unsigned or indy label that Nashville has to offer. Today an artist making a repeat visit to our feature, as we World Premiered his debut video, "

Jason Terry is a man who has been there, survived that. Born and raised in Oneida, TN, Jason got his first guitar when he was just 5 years old. He didn’t know how to play, he just knew he wanted to play, and that he did for anyone who would listen. Music was a regular part of his life, intermixed with hunting, fishing and sports. One of his favorite memories was that of waking up early to go fishing with his grandfather. But as he grew into his teen years, Jason’s life took on a darker side.


Battles with addiction had became too much, and in September of 2013 he found himself at a cross roads. His music career hadn't advanced where he had hoped and personal issued further drove him over the edge. Terry found himself with a loaded pistol, prepared to solve temporary situation with a permanent solution, but then a short, simple text message changed his life back in the right direction. It came from his mother and read simply “maybe you should change your ways.”

While he was hospitalized recovering from the deep depression he was suffering, he began writing again. Those songs became the foundation of Jason's debut EP Letting Go, advice that he had to learn himself while recovering. The project contained his debut single, "Green Light Go”, a song who's video received it’s world debut at klaw.com and went on to be featured at CMT.com and GreatAmericanCountry.com.


Jason is back, and after several more intense life changes since Letting Go, releasing his first full length album in 2016. We have the second single from that album in our spotlight today. Brought to you by All American Super Car Wash of Lawton, Jason and "Even Angels Get High" is today's Unsigned/Indy Artist Thursday Catch of the Day, new music you haven't heard, but you'll want to hear it again.

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