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'Catch of the Day - Jason Terry
It's Thursday, our favorite day of the week (besides Friday, but it definitely has Monday beat hands down), the day of the week we introduce you to one of the great unsigned or indy label that Nashville has to offer.
'Catch of the Day' - Jason Terry
Today, for Unsigned/Indy Artist Thursday, we turn the spotlight on a friend, an artist from Knoxville, TN who has endured life's lows and who gained strength he now shares with others that have been where he once walked.
Jason Terry is a man who has been there, survived that...
Getting The Green Light....Jason Terry
A few weeks ago, we debuted the first single from an up-and coming singer named Jason Terry. The song, "Green Light Go" is a song that's about more than the start of a new relationship; its a song about new beginnings.
'Catch of the Day' - Jason Terry
It's Unsigned Indy Artist Thursday at the Catch of the Day and today's catch comes to us from a promising young singer who comes from Oneida, Tn & currently hails from Knoxville, TN.