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Today's artist comes to us from the Great White North, learning to play guitar while a teenager and cutting his musical teeth on music from Kenny Chesney and Brad Paisley. Though from Canada, as in the tradition of Shania Twain, Hank Snow and Emerson Drive, growing up on a farm, he is as country as country can be.

Born Damien Maisonneuve on April 30, 1986, and raised in a small town called St-Pascal de Belon, Ontario, where he spent his time working at the family's farm, Damiengrew up the oldest of four children. Growing up with country roots, his love for country music only grew as the years went by. It was in his late teens when Damien started exploring his musical talent and purchased his first guitar.

After learning how to play the guitar with the help of teacher North Easton, his passion only grew. His first solo performance was at the local bar, and from there Damien formed his own band. In 2011, he adopted the name Damien Maze to make himself

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more commercially accessible. What started out a deep passion for music, grew bigger within the first 3 years. From small performances at backyard parties and local community centers, grew to performing at small arenas and opening for local artists.

Wanting to be more marketable, Damien drew on his inspirations, and set his mind to writing his own music. In 2011, he wrote his first song, "Start the Engine Up". Once he started, he couldn't put the pen down, and he and Easton, who become his co-writer, wrote six songs together in just a short time, peaking the young artist's interest in his new found ability.

Earlier this year, Maze signed with the Canadian label AGR Records, a subsidiary of the AMG Label Group and Sony, and has recorded his five song, debut EP for the label. Recorded in Nashville, the EP has just been released, and we have the lead

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single and title track in our spotlight today. Brought to you by All American Super Car Wash, Damien Maze's highly anticipated American debut, "Long Way Home" is our Catch of the Day today; it's brand new music you haven't heard, but you'll want to hear it again.

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Today’s Key Word: “HOME”