Today we feature an artist whose original band made the absolute best they could with one lone chance. Their debut single was given 1 play on a New York radio station, and by chance it was heard by the person who gave them their big break.

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Everyone knows that Darius Rucker first shot to fame as the front man for a group of South Carolina college buddies who everybody came to know and love as Hootie & The Blowfish. Their debut album, Cracked Rear View, has sold more than 16 million copies in the US, the most successful debut album of all-time. But the group's start wasn't an instant rocket flight to success right.

The album was released in July of 1994 and at the start, sales were mediocre at best. It was a time when Nirvana, Pearl Jam and the grunge movement were king and this little band from the University of South Carolina couldn't get anyone in the music industry to listen to their "different" sound. They had released a pair of self-produced EPs, and were signed by Atlantic Records in August of 1993. They released "Cracked Rear View, early in July, 1994. Neither the album not the lead single, "Hold My Hand" got a lot of attention early on, until somehow, radio station Z100 in suburban New York city gave the band a shot. One shot.

Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images for Starkey Hearing Foundation

The song was played by the station, and by sheer chance talk-show host David Letterman was listening to the station on his drive home after a taping. Letterman pulled off the road after the song was over, called his talent coordinator to book the band on the show. As Rucker tells the story, "this was a Tuesday. By Friday the band was in New York as unknowns waiting to record the Letterman Show, and by Monday, we had the fastest selling album in the country."

Rucker and the band would record 5 albums for Atlantic, before going on hiatus in 2005, when Rucker began working on his debut country album. The band produced 3 platinum albums, 10 top-20 hits and a #1 hit, "Time". Starting with the release of his solo debut country album, Learn To Live, in 2008, Rucker has released 4 studio albums and a holiday album, all of which have reached #1 on the country albums charts, and have been certified gold or platinum, producing 10 top-10 singles and 7 #1 hits.

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Today we have the lead single from Rucker's upcoming fifth album When Was the Last Time in our spotlight today. Brought to you by All American Super Car Wash of Lawton, Darius Rucker and "For The First Time" is today's Catch of the Day, new music you haven't heard, but you'll want to hear it again.

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