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Today our focus is on an artist who could have easily walked away from Nashville after two short-lived record contracts that produced only one album and one single. But the artist stuck to his guns, worked several jobs, knocked on every door and finally broke through thanks to a Nashville session guitarist.

Joe Nichols was born and raised in Rogers, Arkansas, the son of a truck driver who played bass in local country bands. While still in high school, Joe started singing in a rock band, while also working at a local country radio station. Nichols worked hard on his songwriting and singing, and through a meeting with producer Randy Edwards, signed his first

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record contract at the age of 19 with indy label Intersound Records. The relationship resulted in Nichols' self-titled 1996 debut album and the single "Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other", which hit the Canadian Country chart, peaking at #74. But the album sold poorly and Interscope dropped Nichols from their roster.

Nichols would soon sign with a second indy label, Giant Records, but this relationship would prove even less fruitful, as it evaporated without an album or single being released. By 1998, Nichols was working odd jobs selling steaks door-to-door and installing cable while still playing music and trying to land a record deal. While working in Nashville, Nichols met session guitarist Brent

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Rowan, who became 'instrumental' in Joe landing a contract with Universal South Records in 2001. The following July saw the release of Nichols second album Man With a Memory, and the lead single off the album "The Impossible" peaked at number 3, launching Nichols on his way.

Man With a Memory would go on to receive platinum certification, Nichol's only million selling album to date. He would release 7 more studio albums and a greatest hits package for Universal and Show Dog Universal before leaving the label in May of 2012. In October, he would sign with Broken Bow Record brand new subsidiary label Red Bow Records, releasing Crickets one year later. Combined, between the 8 albums

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released for the labels, Nichols has 10 top-10 singles, with 5 hitting #1.

Nichols has a brand new album scheduled for release July 28th, and we have the lead single and title track in our spotlight today. Brought to you by All American Super Car Wash of Lawton, Joe Nichols and "Never Gets Old" is today's Catch of the Day, new music you haven't heard, but you'll want to hear it again.

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