IEBA 2013 Conference - Day 3
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for IEBA

It's Thursday, and as we always do on the fourth day of the week, we bring you the best in unsigned or indy label recording artists from Nashville, though today we feature an artist who has had a little more main stream exposure than most of our other Thursday artists.

Maggie Rose Durante originally signed to Universal Republic, releasing her debut album on Stroudavarious Records in 2009. She charted two singles for the label, and two other of her songs were featured on the Disney Channel's Shake It Up and Good Luck Charlie, songs that were featured on the Shake It Up soundtrack album that was released in 2011.

After the original success, Durante's career seemed to stall. In 2012, she signed with RPM Management and dropped her last name. When RPM opened it's own mainstream country label, it signed Maggie Rose as their flagship artist. She released the single "I Ain't Your Mama" the same year, which would serve as the lead single for

IEBA 2015 Conference - Day 1 on October 11, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee.
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her (and the label's) first album, Cut To Impress, in 2013. The single would peak at number 29 on the Billboard Country Air Play chart. Rose would follow her lead single with 2013's "Better" which would peak at #30 on the same chart, and 2014's "Looking Back Now", which would top out at #40. All three singles were from her debut album, which ended up on several Best Of lists for 2016, including's Best Albums of 2013 list.

Rose left RPM in 2015, and 2016 would see the release of "Same Sky", the lead single from Rose's second album, The Variety Show - Vol. 1. The single would fail to chart, and the album would release April 8th, on the indy label Play It Again Records. The second single from the album is in our spotlight today. Maggie Rose and "Love Me More" is our Unsigned/Indy Label Thursday Catch of the Day, new music you haven't heard, but you're gonna want to hear it again.