It’s a grim morning for this suburb in Cleveland, Ohio, a high school shooting has made national headlines.  As of right now we are getting several reports, such as four students injured, and one killed. The police have a suspect in custody, but his name is not being released to the public because he is not old enough and is believed to be a student at Chardon High School, where the shooting occured.

The injured students are currently being treated at a local hospital, but details on their conditions have not being released as well. The local Police Chief Timothy McKenna said in a brief conference, that they believe the suspect opened fire in the school cafeteria at about 7:30 am; however, his victims were found in three different parts of the school.

ABC News is reporting classmates described the suspect as a loner and a bullied outcast. It appears that the shooter targeted the 5 victims.

The dead student’s has been identified as Daniel Parmertor. His family said Parmertor was an aspiring computer engineer, who was shot waiting for the bus to his vocational center. The shooter himself was chased out by an adult and captured soon after by the police. FBI is on the scene  and investigating, the last time a school shooting happen was in 1999, when two seniors, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, killing 12 students and one teacher during the Columbine High School Massacre.

Chardon is a town of some 5,000 Americans, and this is a tragedy to all that will leave a deep mark.

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