You wouldn't know it from how nice the weather has been this week, but the ice storm that hit Lawton, Fort Sill last week did major damage to people's property and trees. If you've be in any neighborhood in town you've seen all the tree limbs and debris everywhere. There's a lot of people just outside the city limits without power still. It was a bad ice storm and it was certainly early for those types of freezing temperatures.

Oklahoma's know all too well just how moody Mother Nature can be. It's always said "If you don't like the weather here, give it a minute and it'll change." We live in the only state in the union that can have all four seasons and a monsoon in a day. Last week we saw just how crazy it can get going from mid-seventies all the way down to mid-thirties. Add in all the rain and it was the perfect recipe for an ice storm!

Now that we're back to decent weather everyone's been cleaning up all the tree limbs and debris left behind from the storm. I spend a few days cleaning up and cutting limbs hoping to save some of my trees that were hit hard. I dumped four truck loads at the landfill and I still have some trimming and shaping left to do.

Of course I started early as soon as the storm was over, I should have waited a little. They announced that the City of Lawton is waiving all the dumping fees for tree limbs after I finished. It wasn't too expensive, I spent $3.00 a load and $12.00 total. It was worth it just to get them out of my yard.

If you're unable to take your tree limbs to the dump the city has announced it's plan for tree limb and ice storm clean up. They've a dumping site set up so you don't have to go all the way to the landfill and they'll be doing pick up or curbside as well. All the details are below in the official press release:


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