On Sunday, most of Americans will be gathered around their televisions with snacks and drinks cheering on their chosen team during the biggest football game of the year! Coupled with the game are usually some memorable commercials, and this year, a specific commercial will highlight Oklahoma.

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According to Statistica.com, millions of people watch Sunday's big game every year. The largest viewership was in 2015 with 114.4 million people tuning in. That's A LOT of people watching the same game and commercials simultaneously.

And before the big game, people are prepping. They're getting chips, wings, pizza, bbq, snacks, you name it! The big game also impacts the prices of dip sales and other common snacks.

Infographic: Dip Sales Soar for Super Bowl | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Big game commercial featuring Oklahoma will star Kristin Chenoweth.

Over the last couple of years, we've seen several commercials premiere before the big game. Saying things like, "This is our big game commercial!" So people see the commercial before Sunday and then it gets its 20-30 seconds of stardom when it's broadcasted to millions during the big game.

Earlier this week, Oklahoma sweetheart Kristin Chenoweth shared a clip of a big game commercial she's starring in highlighting Oklahoma's 988 - Mental Health Lifeline. In her Instagram post she said, "Honored to partner with Oklahoma’s 988 - Mental Health Lifeline to raise awareness for this life saving service."

Kristin Chenoweth has consistently used her platform to talk about the importance of mental health. And in her new book, "I'm Not A Philosopher, But I Got Thoughts," which came out Jan. 17, she digs deeper into her own journeys with mental health.

Now, we're not sure if this commercial will air nationally or just locally, but either way, this is a great resource for Oklahomans and we're proud to call Kristin Chenoweth one of our own! If you're not planning on watching the big game Sunday but are interested in viewing the commercial, 988 - Oklahoma Mental Health Lifeline has it up on its YouTube channel.

If you or a loved one is struggling with their mental health, call or text 988 for 24/7 help. Learn more at www.988oklahoma.com.

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