Last week we decided to give you video quality over song popularity on the Country Song Showdown, and every one seemed intrigued by what may have been the two best videos in the past year or so. Voting was close as we entered Monday morning, but then Kenny Chesney and his latest video, "Rich and Miserable", a song from his current album Cosmic Hallelujah, pulled away from Chris Stapleton and his video for "Fire Away" a song from his 2015 album Traveler, who's video won several awards in 2016. Kenny ended up winning the showdown with 57% of the votes.

This week, we're putting two brand new videos up against each other in our showdown. We're going honky-tonking with Justin Moore and his latest video, "Somebody Else Will" and we go behind the scenes (sort of) of life on the road with Old Dominion in their latest video, "No Such Thing As A Broken Heart". Both singles are leading the way for upcoming albums, and we are eagerly awaiting both arrivals.

So check out both videos and vote for your favorite in our "State of Denial" edition of the Country Song Showdown. You have until Monday July 3rd at noon, to vote as many times as you'd like, limit once per day, and tell us your favorite in the  Country Song Showdown, brought to you by Oklahoma's Best Country, KLAW101.

  • Justin Moore - "Somebody Else Will"

  • Old Dominion - "No Such Thing As A Broken Heart"

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