When it was put together, on paper, it looked like a very even pairing for this past week's Country Song Showdown, pitting Chris Young and Brad Paisley's latest videos in our spotlight.

But the showdown isn't played on paper, it's played online, and after the smoke cleared, it was an unprecedented, completely unpredicted beat down of epic, if not record setting proportions, as Chris Young and the video for "Sober Saturday Night" scored 98% of the vote to handily defeat Brad Paisley and his video for "Today" in our Country Song Showdown.

Maybe it was the guest appearance from Vince Gill that did it.

Hoping to get a much closer competition this week, we are pairing two artists that came basically out of nowhere in 2016 to become country music stars. We have the latest video from Maren Morris ("80's Mercedes") taking on Chris Janson's latest video ("Holdin' Her") in our Country Song Showdown. Watch both videos and make your voice heard!

Voting is limited to once daily, and a winner will be crowned at the close of this week's contest at noon on Monday, January 30th.

  • Maren Morris - "80's Mercedes"

  • Chris Janson - "Holdin' Her"

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