Our last Country Song Showdown was a complete technical disaster and we have had to throw the whole contest out. It is literally sitting in a smoldering heap in the trashcan next to my desk. The thing had more bugs in it than the bed in a $25 a night hotel room. We are declaring the whole showdown a no contest!!!!

With that behind us, lets get back to business. This week, we are going to put some heavy weight pairings together, and put Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's latest effort, the steamy "Speak To A Girl" up against the pairing of young up-and-comers Kane Brown and Lauren Alaina and their video for "What Ifs". The established pair, taking on the newcomers in a country David and Goliath classic.

So head to our website and check out both video, then vote for your favorite in this week's edition of the Country Song Showdown. You have until Monday July 24th at noon, to vote as many times as you'd like, limit once per day, and tell us your favorite All American Video in this week's Country Song Showdown, brought to you by Oklahoma's Best Country, KLAW101.

  • Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - "Speak To A Girl"

  • Kane Brown & Lauren Alaina - "What Ifs"

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