I have always loved to cook.  It's the cleaning up afterward that I despise.  Well, despise is really a strong word, let's go with dislike.  Anyway, because of the virtual shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants were not an option for my comfort food cravings, and I had to make them myself.


Breakfast has always been my go-to comfort food.  I love everything about breakfast.  I'm a morning person anyway, so why not fill my belly with deliciousness? When we knew that cooking at home was going to be our mode of operations for a time to come, I started stocking up on the most important of all breakfast foods...bacon.  And even though restrictions seem to be letting up, there is not a week that goes by that bacon is not on my grocery list.

I have learned to make eggs over easy (Yuck), I prefer scrambled, and to cook part of my bacon a little wimpy (Why?), I prefer crisp, and make scattered hard hash browns.  Cooking for 2 has been a challenge though, I prefer cooking for a much larger group. Just ask my co-workers.  Breakfast is my love language.  It can be both simple and still complex depending on how elaborate the spread you are putting on.

I was reading a list of the top foods that were made at home during the Coronavirus safer at home time frame, and to be honest I was a bit shocked with the #1 answer.  Even more shocked that bacon was nowhere on that list.  #Baconislife!

I cooked all of these during the pandemic.  Sometimes all together!  One of these items was the top answer to the poll mentioned above.  See if you can guess which one!

Comfort Food for Pandemics

Have your figured out what the Top Made from Home food was during shutdown?

Place your guess here!


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