How awesome that January and Soup go together!  With the chill in the air, and the warm liquid substance to keep you toasty from the inside out, I'd say it was a match made on the Calendar!

I have many favorite soups, I'm sure you do too. It makes it hard to choose just one doesn't it. I think how you eat soup is important as well.  Do you eat it from a bowl with a spoon? Or, do you drink it from a steaming mug?  I'm a toss up on that.  I eat from a bowl at home but prefer a mug or can at work.

Do you have particular sides that you must eat with soup?  We have a rule at my house, we cannot have grilled cheese sandwiches without a bowl of tomato soup! That's the way we grew up too.  Saltine crackers in Chicken Noodle Soup? Yes, please!  I also like the little cheddar cheese goldfish swimming in my bowl of Tomato soup.  I also love bacon bits and chives in my baked potato soup, but who doesn't?

The biggest question I think that I have is this...does Chili count as a soup?  I mean, you eat it with crackers or cornbread and from a bowl.  Seems like it should be catagorized as a soup!  What else could it be?

Whether Chili is a soup, or you dunk your grilled cheese into your tomato soup, one thing is clear, Soup and January go together.  Happy National Soup Month!

Let's crown a soup winner once and for all.Take this quick poll and vote on these 5 popular soups!

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