I think if there was one food that could define the generation of millennials, it might be the humble Hot Pocket. Pizza Rolls might be a very close contender, but Hot Pockets were and still are the food of latchkey kids everywhere. Why? Because they're embarrassingly tasty and ridiculously easy to prepare. You just need a microwave and enough patience to ensure your piping hot pocket of cheese and meat isn't actually still somehow frozen in the middle. It's that stupid hybrid foil wrap thing that makes the difference... or is it?

If you don't know who Cowboy Kent Rollins is, you should learn. He's a world famous cook (that's SWOK talk for chef), poet, and traveling working cowboy who, even though he's earned worldwide fame and the respect of chefs everywhere, remains humble and still calls SWOK his home. He's a darn fine cook and runs the only food channel on YouTube that tells you straight up how to cook, 99% of the time reaching his own results. After thirty years of ordering a well done steak with a side of A1, this man taught me how to properly cook a well marbled cut of beef that stands alone.

Today, Kent is walking all of us through how to make homemade Cowboy Hot Pockets. Though, I will say it's really familiar to how my grandmother used to make what she called spoon-burgers, I never once thought of tossing pepperoni in a dough before. He uses his trusty well-seasoned skillet to cook his, we always used the oven, but the oven just doesn't crisp everything up as well, so the skillet it is. One night, when the family is looking to you for a meal, you might try these. They look stupid easy, though I'd plan enough time for them to cool off a bit before serving, you'll see why.

If you decide to follow Kent on YouTube, he's got a million legendary recipes up for the sharing. If you really want to know his top-shelf recipes though, you might order one of his cookbooks. It'll provide you more in life that just good food.

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