I know, I know, Daylight Saving Time began a few weeks ago.  It affected every part of my day for at least a week.  I blamed everything on Daylight Saving time; my dog getting out of the yard, the check engine light coming on in my car, spilling soda down the front of my shirt.

I started changing clocks on Sunday morning, March 9th.  (Not the 2am March 9th, when Daylight Saving Time actually begins, but after I got up).  I am an early bird, so I wasn't worried at all about being late.  And I never felt like I had 'lost' an hour of sleep.  I just changed my alarm and went to church.  Where it hurt me was Sunday night.  I was not tired at all at my usual bed time.  In fact, I couldn't sleep until about 11:30pm.  That is way too late for this morning show host to be awake!

Changed the clock in my car on Monday when I nearly freaked out over the time!  Then I had a tall friend change the one in my kitchen over my china cabinet.  I changed the one on my stove, but it wasn't until this week that I finally changed the last remaining clock still on non-Daylight Saving Time.  (What do you call regular time anyway?  Just Time?).

So, let's count...alarm, stove, tall kitchen clock, car, and living room. That's 5 clocks that I have to change two times a year.

How many clocks do you change with Daylight Savings Time?

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