Senate Bill 1309, authored by State Senator Joseph Silk, as introduced states:

An Act relating to daylight saving time; adopting daylight saving time as year-round standard time; providing for codification; and providing an effective date.

That effective date would be November 1,2018, the day that we would normally have to 'Fall Back'.

The bill has already passed the Senate Committee with a vote to approve of 5-4.

Since this could be the very last time we 'Spring Forward', you may want to be ready for Daylight Saving Time to begin Sunday, March 11 at 2am.  Here are some ways you can prepare yourself for this new season of sunlight.

• Go to bed earlier. Get ready for the time change a few days in advance by going to sleep 30 minutes earlier. Hitting the hay half an hour earlier will prepare your internal clock for waking up an hour earlier on Monday. By making this extra effort, your body won’t have to fight against the extra 20 or 30 minutes of sleep it wants.


Jacob Wackerhausen

• Adjust your clock the day before. If you have a relaxed schedule on Saturday, set your clocks forward earlier in the day. Shifting the times of daily activities and meals can help prepare for the adjustment.

Young woman lying in bed reaching for an alarm clock

• Get a good night’s sleep. Try not to nap during the weekend, and avoid alcohol, caffeine, nicotine or any other substances that can affect your ability to fall asleep.

Girl sleeping
Anton Maltsev

• Remember to exercise. Don’t slack off going into the weekend — be sure you’re walking, hiking, doing yard work, going to the gym, etc. Since you’ll be trying to go to bed earlier Saturday and Sunday this will help you fall asleep. Just don’t do strenuous workouts close to bedtime, since they may make it more difficult to fall asleep.


• Be productive Sunday morning. On Sunday morning, avoid laziness. Expose yourself to as much sunlight as you can. Not only will it boost your energy levels, but it will also make you more alert.


How do you deal with Daylight Saving Time? Vote on whether you would like to see this Bill pass!

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