Oklahomans will soon start making travel plans for Thanksgiving. And while they're out on the Oklahoma highways, they'll need to watch for deer! According to the Oklahoma Wildlife Department, November is a high risk month for deer-vehicle collisions.

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Drivers should be especially vigilant for deer during the month of November in Oklahoma.

According to the Oklahoma Wildlife Department, Oklahoma had 424 reported vehicle accidents involving deer in 2016. And the department's recent rut report stated that there has been "plenty of deer movement being reported in all regions of the state." According to the department, "scientific studies have confirmed that the breeding season, increased deer movement and the number of deer-vehicle collisions show a strong correlation."

Dallas Barber, big game biologist for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, said that "As the rut starts to pick up, they put caution to the wind, and we’ll see an increase in collisions. A lot of the time with a vehicle, you’re either hitting a doe being pushed by a buck, or a buck that is chasing a doe that already crossed the road.”

And not long after the Oklahoma Wildlife Department tweeted its warning for rut season and increased deer-vehicle collisions, people responded with their most recent deer collisions.

Some wished the department would've tweeted the warning sooner.

And it looks like some deer are already getting revenge on hunters.

So drive safe and watch for deer!

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