If you've been out shopping lately you've probably seen all the people stockpiling in preparation of another shutdown. Now, I'm no doctor or even close to an expert as far as COVID-19, but I seriously doubt there's going to be another shutdown. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. As bad as the first one was, especially for businesses and the economy, not to mention people's mental and emotional health, people just wouldn't stand for it and most local, state and even the Federal government knows it.

This hasn't stopped people from rushing the stores and buying up everything they feel is essential. Remember the dreaded toilet paper shortage of 2020? Sure you do, it was absolute madness. We experienced shortages of all kinds of things from toilet paper, wipes, paper towels, sanitizer to Lysol disinfectants and even meat. That was the worst one, other than the ammo shortage that we're just now starting to recover from.

I've seen more and more posts online from people who are trying to get the basics like bottled water and are having a hard time finding it. Today I went out to several places and most were fully stocked and had more on the way. At least at this time the stores are keeping up with the demand. Some people are just panicking with everything that's going on with COVID-19 and the Delta Variant. As the cases and rates of infection increase across the county people are worried that what happened last year with happen again.

Again I seriously doubt a shutdown would happen. However, we could see a return to social distancing and mask mandates, but not a full blown shutdown. That's my opinion anyway. We're still trying to recover from the first one and it'll take years to rebound from it. And that's not counting all the unfortunate businesses we lost during the pandemic and all the people who either lost their lives, or their lively hoods.

The biggest gripe for most people so far has been trying to find bottled water. I've seen a ton of posts online lately about that. Good news the stores are restocked and most of the panic buying has already happened. Sure their's still people loading 3 carts with nothing but bottle water, but it's not as widespread as it was even a week ago. So if you're looking for some it's available in most stores, at least today it is...

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