The Lawton Speedway has been a part of my life for a lot of years. I guess it's in my blood! When my Dad was first stationed at Ft. Sill back in the 70's, he used to take us on all the special nights at the Speedway.  Then after he retired, both he and my brother had their own race cars.

When I started working at KLAW, I always volunteered to do all of the Lawton Speedway remotes.  I just love being at the track and talking to all of the drivers and pit crews during the remotes.  Last year, after our Kyle Luetters left to work for the World of Outlaws Sprint Association, I was asked to become the track announcer!  (I had filled in for Kyle a couple of times when he had to do Big Mac Football).  OK, let me get this straight, I get to go to the races, interview drivers every week, watch all the great races, TALK, and you are gonna pay me?  Well, let me think about it...YES!

With one year of announcing under my belt, I am ready for Opening Night, tomorrow at the Lawton Speedway!  For almost 50 years, Lanny and Beverly Edwards and the family, Lanny Ross, Marcy and Monty have brought the best in family friendly entertainment.  I for one am so grateful for a place to be each and every Saturday night.

Join us tomorrow night, gates open at 6pm, and the green flag falls at 8pm at the Lawton Speedway!