Two years ago, Eisenhower High School in Lawton began several programs designed to encourage its students to become involved with the community, and to develop leadership. Apparently, the "Character Education" initiative is working,

Eisenhower High has been recognized as just the 11th school in Oklahoma as a "State School of Character", only two years after implementing programs like Lead2Feed and Eagle Escorts. EHS is only the second school in the Lawton Public School District to implement these programs.

This honor comes just one year after earning recognition as an "Emerging School of Character" last year, which encouraged students to step up their efforts, enabling the school to skip one tier of recognition, moving past "Honorable School of Character" this year in being named a School of Character.

The school could possibly receive further honors in May, when judges will visit the school to decide if it is worthy of National School of Character honors.

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