The brand new EzGo is open at 2620 West Gore Blvd. We ran by yesterday and grabbed some hotdogs, fountain drinks and other snacks for lunch. They have the best hotdogs and sausages around. I'm a HUGE fan of their Cheddarwurst and Pepper Jack sausage. They have all kinds of stuff and it's the perfect place for a quick stop to grab a bite to eat and to fill up. The new store is amazing, PLUS there's a drive thru too!   

Over the past couple of years EzGo has been redoing and remodeling all their stores, more like completely rebuilding them. The newer stores are much larger, nicer and have a much better selection when it comes to snacks, drinks and other convenience store items. They're totally updated and have all the latest and greatest amenities. No matter where you're at in Lawton, you're always close to an EzGo store.

In Lawton we have 9 EzGo locations, 3 have been updated and rebuilt so far. Click here for a complete listing of all their locations in town. The West Gore location is the latest to get the full makeover treatment. Another great thing about the new EzGo on Gore is you can now get 100% gasoline their as well. They always have great deals and special offers at all their locations. Check out all their December 2020 specials!

Not only Lawton, Fort Sill. EzGo has been remodeling stores on the highway and other cities in Oklahoma as well. We're hearing that Altus could be getting a new EzGo sometime soon. Of course we're wondering if some of the other EzGo stores in town will get the new rebuild treatment. Maybe the East Gore location?

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