If you are like me, you are probably on cloud 9 when you heard the news this morning!

No, nothing to do with elections, or the Coronovirus, or unemployment, it's the news that Chip and Joanna Gaines have decided to begin filming another season of Fixer Upper.

The couple, who have made a name (and fortune) out of finding old things and making them new and particularly 'farmhousey' have been working to launch their very own television network, and that will happen in the new year, and as our luck would have it, they decided that they have more Fixer Upper stories to share!

Because the new network hasn't launched as of yet, we still don't know the details of when and where you can find the Magnolia Network, whether there will be a fee involved in downloading it to your television or not, or what other shows they will be sharing with us, but I for one am super stoked.

I've shared recent pictures from my very own fixer up, and I have to admit that a ton of the inspiration of the things that I included in my make over came from Chip and Joanna.  Mostly Joanna.  I still watch the old show in re-runs to see if I missed anything that I can't live without in this new/old house of ours.  Fear not!  I whole new season of ideas in on the way in 2021!  Who else is ready?

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