As the weeks of isolation due to social distancing stretch on, the appeal of a road trip refreshes my memory of our recent trip to Waco.

My desire to visit Waco, Texas came purely from my addition to the show 'Fixer Upper' on HGTV.  Chip and Joanna have inspired me to new heights in my Farmhouse decor in our new renovation.

James and I took a short weekend trip to Waco a few months ago, just to check out the city and of course stop by Magnolia Market.  And though, that's (the market) not a spot that I'd recommend for our current social distancing guidelines, there are a few other places that would certainly work, and keep your interest.

Things to See in Waco, and Still Social Distance

As you know, the CDC recommends that you keep at distance of 6 feet from others during the pandemic, but I think you can manage it with any of these attractions. For more to do in Waco, Texas, click here.

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