Show of hands... Who has heard that a person is lying when they look to the left? How people are lying and defensive when they cross their arms? How guilty people don't metaphorically eat the donuts? There are a million different tales of body language myths out there, and this former FBI agent gives you a quick rundown on the myths you know, and the tells that you don't.

The one really surprising topics of body language covered is the nervous touching. Like when someone is touching their face or hips, clearing their throats, etc... Nervousness? Yeah... but guilt? Not exactly. It takes quite a bit of practice to learn these things. Surely more than you can pick up in a fifteen minute video. Furthermore, all of this information is on YouTube, but it takes that investment of time to learn it. What else do you have to do? Halfway through the first video, you'll be hooked on learning a new social skill.

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