The 'marines eat crayons' gag has probably been around since crayons were invented, but that doesn't mean it's something you can just toss out there in the presence of a few Devil Dogs. I've always thought that it was only OK to bag on a branch of service to your close friends who are in a service... not to a bunch of nameless strangers, but to someone you have that report with and strictly at the right time and place for such. It's not meant in detriment, but more endearment and respect.

Then small arms makers Heckler & Koch come out of left field with this epicness, and it lit a whole new fuse online.

Of course, there are some that think it's in poor taste, but odds are these aren't people who've ever eaten a tasty crayon. The other half are laughing it up, posting their best dingers to get as much out of this as possible, and neither side is wrong about it. You can be offended. You're free to be offended. You can also get in on the action and pile on. That's what America is all about. You do you.

Gunnery Sergent R. Lee Ermey once said “If God in his infinite wisdom did not want Marines to eat crayons he would not have made them in so many pretty colors.” Even the US Marine Corp got in on the joke last year. So long as nobody starts picking on the ever-sensitive & easily offended Air Force, everything will probably be just fine.


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