It's time for a feel-good Oklahoma story! And there's nothing we love more than a soldier coming home and embracing their family. Recently in Coweta, Oklahoma, a military dad got the opportunity to surprise his daughter at her school's pep rally.

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I'm the daughter of a military dad so these types of stories are especially close to my heart. Recently, FOX23 News out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, posted a video to is Facebook page of a military dad that has come home and surprised his daughter at her school's pep rally.

The video starts out with a little girl in a Coweta cheerleader suit playing with her friends in the school's gymnasium - the school's tiger mascot is trying to get them to settle down.

The teacher comes over the microphone and asks the tiger, "Which one of these cheerleaders do you want to have a dance off with?" The tiger chooses the one in the cheer suit and she's embarrassed! She runs into a huddle with her friends but the kids and the teacher start pushing her forward.

The tiger motions her to come forward and the kids start chanting! The little cheerleader is reluctant so the tiger gives up, takes off their mask, and as soon as the little cheerleader realizes who is in the tiger mascot suit, she gives her dad the biggest hug! Father and daughter reunited!

Check out the full video below!

Grab your tissues because it is a sweet one.

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