Today's the day, happy National Pizza Day! In my honest, humble, non-bias opinion everyday should be pizza day. It's one of the most popular foods in the U.S. and for good reason. Pizza is the perfect cuisine. You basically get all your major food groups in a handy, no silverware needed, ready to eat slice. Plus there's a never ending variety of pizza available, so no matter your taste there's a pie that's perfect for you.  

To celebrate National Pizza Day one only needs to get a pizza and start eating, it's that easy. No crazy traditions, weird rituals or inconvenient ceremonies, just pizza. I like them all, some better than others, but I still haven't ran across a pizza yet that I wouldn't at least eat a slice of. I prefer supreme and fully loaded pizza, but meat lovers, pepperoni and specialty pizzas like chicken bacon ranch are still in my top 5 for sure.

The most popular pizza is pepperoni as far as toppings, and thin crust tops the list of crust types people prefer. I agree, I love thin crust pizza it's the best! We've come a long way with pizza, at first it was kind of limited as far as toppings and different types. But now there's all kinds of pizza. From traditional to BBQ, Taco, Chicken, Baked Potato seafood and everything in between. There's dinner, lunch and even breakfast pizza so anytime day or night it's waiting and ready when your hungry.

Everyone has their favorite pizza and pizza place. For me Mazzio's is king! I just ate there last weekend in Duncan. Every couple of months I make the quick road trip to Mazzio's in Duncan, I wish Lawton had one. Their thin crust supreme is EPIC! They also have a Taco Casa in Duncan, another personal favorite of mine. One of the best pizzas in Lawton can be found at Mike's Sports Grill. Not the usual place you'd expect to find a great pizza, but the next time you're at Mikes try it for yourself, it's really good.

Hope you have a happy National Pizza Day and you get to enjoy a slice, maybe even an entire pie yourself. If I can't eat at least half, I'm out. So what's your favorite kind of pizza? Take the poll below and let's see what's most popular in Lawton.

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