The COVID-19 pandemic has done more than it's fair share of damage to the health and well being of not just people, but businesses over the post several months. There are hundreds if not thousands of business who's fate is still unknown, or who have unfortunately already closed due to corona virus. Now it's looking like Chuck E. Cheese might be the next victim of COVID-19. The popular arcade and restaurant is facing serious financial troubles.

With all the shutdowns Chuck E Cheese was hit hard by the pandemic and unlike other restaurants they really didn't have a curbside or delivery customer base. After all they aren't known for their take out orders. You go to play games, celebrate a Birthday and eat some pizza. That didn't stop them though, they got pretty creative during the shutdown by attempting to use Grubhub, DoorDash and other food delivery services to remain in operation using the name "Pasqually’s Wings and Pizza."  While it helped and is better than nothing, it wasn't enough to keep most locations open and employees at work. So basically they've gone months without any sales or revenue coming in.

At this time they haven't filed for bankruptcy, although it's looking like they will. There's already rumors of closings and a possible buyer that might purchase the franchise and keep them open. The debit and uncertain future the chain faces isn't good. Hopefully it'll all work out and we'll be able to keep our Chuck E Cheese here in Lawton. They just opened back up so stop by and see them at 1726 N.W. 82nd Street next to Academy. They are of course following all the recommended CDC and state guidelines when it comes to COVID-19.

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