It's Thanksgiving and as your pilling your plate full of turkey, potatoes, gravy, vegetables and cranberry sauce, sometimes that pile on your plate begins to meld and touch each other. So to avoid the inevitable touching of food, go ahead and mix it all with 'Thanksgiving in a Bucket.'

Serving your Thanksgiving dinner in this form will also save on doing the giant amount of dishes after being served to family and friends. Each entree comes on it's own layer.

The bottom layer consists of a nice crunchy moist stuffing, followed with mashed potatoes topped with brussel sprouts. Then add another layer of potatoes on top of the sprouts, but this time sweet potatoes and then add turkey and gravy. Finally the top layer will consist of cranberry sauce.

This is also a great convenient way to take your Thanksgiving dish to go. It also saves on multiple trips from the kitchen to the table. One trip and you dig in.